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+49 157 878 26 233

About the coin

The coin is based on Litecoin. The maximum supply of the coin is 87 million coins. 3 million coins have been pre-mined for us and for the early investors to exchange their tokens for the actual coin.

The symbol of our coin is RECO.

A new block is created every 2.5 minutes. The block reward is 50 RECO. The maximum block size is 2 MB.

So 864000 RECO are mined every month now. After 840000 blocks the block reward is halved to 25 RECO per block and so on.

The Reference line coin addresses are longer than Litecoin addresses. This is because the addresses not only contain the public key hash for sending the coins but also include a public key to encrypt the reference lines.

Two different public keys are used. One public key to send the coins and one public key to encrypt the reference lines. The private and public keys are used to create the encryption key for the AES encryption of the reference lines.