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Where can you buy, sell and trade our coin?

You can buy our coin on our internal exchange and on

On our exchange, you can use Bitcoin to buy RECO and on you can use Ethereum to buy RECO.

Where can I buy Bitcoin if I do not have Bitcoin already?

I recommend you to buy Bitcoin on the website

How do I buy RECO with the Bitcoin?

First, you need to send the Bitcoin over to our website.
Under „Bitcoin Wallet“ you see your Bitcoin deposit address. You need to send the Bitcoin to this deposit address. At Coinbase you find the button to send Bitcoin next to your Bitcoin balance.

Now you need to create a buy order under „Trading“. You enter the price and the amount under „Buy RECO“ and press the submit button. As soon as a seller is willing to sell for your price you get your RECOs.

How do I find out which is the correct price?

At the bottom of the page, you see all orders which have been executed. There you also see the last price. This can be a first hint at which price buyers are willing to buy and sellers are willing to sell. On the right side, you see for which price other buyers are willing to buy.  On the left side, you see for which price sellers are willing to sell.

You could take the price on the right side. This is the price for which other buyers are willing to buy. You can bid a little bit more than that. So you reach the top of the list and you will get your RECOs before all other buyers get their RECOs.

YouTube video how our exchange works.

In this video I show you how the trading platform works:

How works

You can buy and sell our coins on the exchange

You can trade it for ETH there.

How to use the website

Click on „Exchange“.

Then you click on the gear symbol.

Then click on „ETH“.

Scroll down the list and you will find our coin „RECO“.

How to log in and how to create a user account

Click on „Exchange“.

Then click on the icon on the left side.

Now you can log in our sign up.