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Mining with our mining pool

Here you find our mining pool:

You need to replace the example payout address through your address:

bfgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u YtBMyUDUyKEYZ2hCTTa7y6wsB6HJS2jaMWmmkanLRhBbdPjvLRmLhJKfjX631W3oLzu1P7VEBL9ComG -p c=RECO

How to rent mining hardware

You can now rent mining hardware on and pay with RECO for the mining hardware! This is our official new mining partner. The company will also promote us on Facebook, Twitter etc.

You can rent an Antminer L3+ here:

This Antminer has a Hashrate of 500MH/s.

If you have any questions or problem you can contact us. You can visit our Discord Channel here:  Go to our Discord channel

If you want to try it out and do not have any mining hardware at all you could buy a Moonlader 2 stick for $88.99 on Amazon:

If you want to operate a mining pool

You find a fixed version of the mining pool yiimp here:

How to solo mine our coin without mining pool

Watch this Youtube video to get information about how to setup bfgminer correctly to mine with your mining hardware

Important: You need to close the wallet if you want to start the coin daemon. I forgot the mention this in the video.

Version 3.99 of bfgminer:
The latest version of bfgminer:

You can call bfgminer with:
bfgminer --scrypt -o -u cadkas -p testworker --no-gbt
This will connect bfgminer directly to your local coin daemon. It is important that you specify the --no-gbt flag, so that bfgminer will use the older getwork method. The port 4732 is also important.

You will need to run the coin daemon „referencelinecoind“ and create a configuration file for the coin daemon. Please watch the video above to see how it works.

You could also use ccminer for GPU mining with a Nvidia card. with the same parameter –no-gbt:

One man reported that he uses ccminer with 580 KH/s with his GPU instead of 15 KH/s with bfgminer.

These seams to be the optimal settings for ccminer:

ccminer.exe -a scrypt:9 -o -u username -p password --no-autotune --no-gbt
For the 64 bit version:
ccminer-x64.exe -a scrypt:9 -o -u username -p password --no-autotune --no-gbt