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To create a nickname for the address Z6cYyWfVWSH4gw55y7uFgyQgo2Y1uvvuD9qwNBjAMWgd41NkWd9XKcWDWLCEyfrCSzttcS5vcaEksQr you just send some RECO to the address and enter the following reference line:

setnickname <yournickname>
For example:
setnickname superhero

Now the nickname superhero is registered in the blockchain for the receiving address. If anybody wants to send you some coins he can enter „superhero“ into the search field of the QT wallet and press the button to search your address.

If you already have an older version of the wallet installed you need to click on „File/Rescan blockchain“ after you first started the wallet. Otherwise, you will not be able to use nicknames which have been registered before the installation of the new version.

A nickname can only be registered for one address. If somebody else registers the same nickname, this will be ignored by the wallet. The registration is permanent.

Anybody can register a nickname for any address. So if there is an email address associated with a RECO address this does not mean, that the address has anything to do with that email address.

You can create as many addresses in your wallet as you need. If you want to register a new nickname you should first create a new address. Then you can send some coins to this address and set the nickname in the reference line. If the nickname has not been already registered you can now use the new nickname. You can give your nickname to the sender instead of the wallet address if you want to receive RECO.

Update: the nicknames are now case insensitive. So SUPERMAN and superman is the same. The first entry wins!

Update: the wallet now stores the nicknames in an own address book. So there are no longer any conflicts between the regular local address book and the nicknames.