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The history of Reference line coin

January: Initial Idea for the coin, creation of the ERC20 tokens for the ICO
February:  ICO with ERC20 tokens (the ERC20 token were only used for the ICO before the real coin was ready)
March: ICO, Development of the coin starts. The actual coin is ready. The coin is listed on
April: You can now trade our coin for Bitcoin on our own internal exchange
Coins can now be sent to a nickname
We now have a Windows program to print paper wallets for save offline storage of RECO.

You can now rent mining hardware on and pay with RECO for the mining hardware!

The next year

Marketing campaign

  • Advertisement on big news websites like or
  • Find influencers which promote us on YouTube
  • First target: 5.000-10.000 active traders for our coin. Create a very liquid market for the coin.
  • If there are enough buyers, sell some RECO and use this to pay the listing fee to list the coin on one big exchange.
  • The listing on a big exchange will bring in even more buyers.

Make technical improvements

  • Create Apps for smartphones (Android and iOS)
  • Other technical improvements